Permanent Jewellery Course

The SENI x GH Permanent Jewellery Course is Coming Soon!

Interested in exploring the world of permanent jewellery artistry? Drawing from our own experience of starting out, we’ve developed a comprehensive training program, available both online and in-person, to guide you through the intricacies of the craft.

Whether you’re aiming to enhance your existing services or embark on a new business endeavor, our course offers all the insights you need.

Why train in Permanent Jewellery?

Offering permanent jewellery services can be a game-changer, drawing new clients, boosting revenue, and ensuring a swift return on your investment. This procedure is straightforward, non-intrusive, and completely comfortable for your customers.

Whether you’re an established business owner eyeing the addition of permanent jewellery to your offerings or a newcomer seeking a fresh career path, our comprehensive training prepares you for this venture.

Our Permanent Jewellery training is meticulously tailored, encompassing both the artistic nuances of welding and the business acumen required, ensuring you’re armed with every tool needed for triumph in this captivating industry.

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Choose from online or in person training


Permanent Jewellery Training Online – Enjoy lifetime access with consistent updates. Our comprehensive package includes videos and worksheets, allowing you to learn at a rhythm that suits you, all from the coziness of your home. Should you wish, kits are available for purchase either before commencing or after completing the training. Alternatively, we provide links to trustworthy suppliers for those who’d like to acquire their kits independently


In-Person Permanent Jewellery Training – For those who value direct, face-to-face instruction to boost their confidence, our hands-on training ensures you’re adept with the welding techniques before course completion. Join our group training sessions to hone your skills alongside fellow enthusiasts. Kits and machines are available for purchase, and enrollment also grants you access to our online learning platform.

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