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Have you wondered how celebrities always have the most perfect eyebrows without the need for brow makeup? Well it is most likely down to the new trend in semi-permanent make-up called Microblading, and you can now experience micro bladed brows yourself.


Gemma Henderson is an award winning highly qualified semi-permanent microblading technician based in Devon, she has created the beautiful microbladed brows of Love Island star Jessica Rose.


Microbladed brows in Devon are created using a number of different techniques, microblading uses a handheld tool that places pigment under the skin in brow hair lines creating the illusion of thicker well shaped eyebrows. Alternatively microblading can be created using a hand held tattoo gun - this is known as hair stroke brows, and in addition this technique can be used with shading to produce Ombre brows.


Microblading in Devon takes about an hour, first Gemma Henderson creates the outline for the brow looking at face shape, skin tone and hair colour before creating your perfect brows. A top up is required after 2 weeks to enhance any pigment that may have been lost.


Microblading is a trend that looks set to stay, so if you long for picture perfect brows get in touch with Gemma for a free consultation.

If you have any questions or queries please do get in touch by using the form below or
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  • Instagram - Grey Circle
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  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl0